Peace test
Does the Peace of God so rule your heart and mind to such a degree that people sense it when they are around you?                                                 Col 3:15

Join the band
It's the greatest "band" of all time . . . "A band of men whose hearts God has touched." What's holding you back? Do it today.              1 Sam 10:26

God's will for you
Walk in a spirit of gladness all the time, pray in every situation, offer thanks and praise to God. THAT's God's EXACT will for you.       I Thes. 5. 16 - 18 

The high cost of sexual sin
Choose this course and the Biblical outcome is clear: Poverty, destruction, wounds, and dishonor. It isn't worth your soul.                        Prov.  6:26, 32, 33

Desire a closer walk with Jesus?
1. Love God -- with everything that is within you.
2. Love others all the time -- unconditionally.
3. Feed your heart, mind, soul, and spirit throughout     every day with God's Word.
4. Stay forgiven, cleansed, renewed and quickened      through repentance and obedience.
5. Make God's will your passion.  

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Three degrees of spiritual thirst
For pardon, for purity, and for the fulness of the Living God, Himself. No one can be a Christian without a true heart hunger after God. Psalm 27:4 /42:1

The 4th monkey
The three monkeys' hands cover their eyes, ears, and mouth, designating "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. But there should be a fourth - covering the forehead, signifying "think no evil."                                                                             1 Corinthians 13:5

Something worldly you do every week that you should do spiritually every day
Take out the garbage.                              1 John 1:9

A message from Satan
"When you're faced with a busy day, save precious time by skipping your devotions."                  John 8:44

The Lord KNOWS them that are His. 2 Tim 2:19
Do YOU know that you are His? Any doubts?
Do your actions sometimes make you wonder?
Behavior is the #1 indicator of the condition of our relationship with Him.
Your Holy Spirit relationship
Scripture tells us the Holy Spirit can be grieved, quenched, and resisted. (Eph 4:30, 1 Thes 5:19, Acts 7:51).  What about you?

Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD.
Ps 33:12