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David  Strand         Martha Strand
 1908 - 1995    1913 - 1998
My parents left us, their six children, a powerful spiritual and musical legacy. Raising us in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord, they passed on to us their poetic and musical genes which have produced many ministries throughout the world. 

Dad's "American Defender March" was popularized during World War 2 along with many other standards published during that era. And, in the style of such "spiritual pop" songs of the 50's, such as "He," "I Believe," "Somebody Bigger Than You and I," he wrote his personal testimony song, "My Faith," shared here.

Mom was a poet extraordinaire who, like Fanny Crosby, often wrote poems for special people and special occasions. Her song, "Because You Prayed," was featured on the 400 station, Back To The Bible radio broadcast and is presented here.
Mom wrote this beautiful testimony poem, one among hundreds -- all lifting up the Savior. I found it, added a 3rd verse, and set it to music. God has blessed it and used it around the world.
Dad wrote this song that  offers a deep sense of  faith to the secular world. While it "stays on the surface" lyrically, it still points to the mighty power of our awesome God -- who changes hearts and lives and loves those who come to Him -- completely.
Honor your father and mother, 
that your days may 
be prolonged and that 
it may go well with you,
Deut. 5:16 
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